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What inspections do we do before the wheel repair machine was shipped

03 Feb 2023

Wheel repair machine is one of our best selling products, it attracts eyes from all over the country to make inquiries. Whether new customers or old customers come to repurchase, this may be based on the beautiful appearance of the wheel repair machine or its easier operation or the repair effect is more amazing. All in all, there must be a reason to attract them Yes, but when the customer receives these perfect results, we have carried out different strict quality inspections before the wheel repair machine is shipped, so when the customer receives our machine, they only power on and follow the step by step the training video operation is fine. So let me introduce what kind of quality inspection we do for wheel repair machine before delivery.

First, check the appearance of the wheel repair machine, including the clean appearance of the machine, no paint damage on the inner and outer sheet metal, whether there is oil, dust, waste in the cabin, no rust on the chuck and tool holder, and no obvious damage. The buttons on the first-class panel of the numerical control are intact and free of damage and pollution; the installation of start-stop, emergency stop and other buttons is standardized. Even more detailed model stickers, nameplates, company logo stickers, safety signs, and lubrication reminders need to be posted correctly, completely and in place. Second, check the assembly quality of the wheel repair machine, including checking whether the door locks, safety locks, sliding door rails, etc. are working normally, without jamming or abnormal noise. Also check the connection of wires and sockets behind the CNC head: there are no virtual connections, crossovers, and exposures, and the wire number labels are complete and the positions are appropriate. Third, check the working display of the wheel repair machine, including manual or automatic tool change, whether the rotation direction is correct, whether the rotation is smooth, whether there is automatic tightening, etc. Whether accessories such as tool holder screws are available. Show the processing process, check the processing effect, whether you are satisfied. Fourth, check whether the system backup of the wheel repair machine modifies the system language, whether the system is backed up, and whether the backup system corresponds to the machine. Whether the shutdown process is smooth, and whether there is any abnormality when restarting. Fifth, check whether the accessories of the wheel repair machine are complete.

When customers report that they are satisfied with our wheel repair machine, HIENCE will give back to our customers with higher quality and better service.

What inspections do we do before the wheel repair machine was shipped

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Originally published 03 Feb 2023, updated 03 Feb 2023.

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