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Wheel repair machine is a tool worth investing in

30 Dec 2021

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of automotive electronics and automation, our cars have become safer. When it comes to car safety, we have to mention the importance of wheels for driving safety. Car wheels are things that often need to touch the ground, and the entire body of our car is driven by car wheels. Cars are mainly driven by cars. Wheels to operate. In addition to taking safety into consideration, some car owners will pay more attention to the maintenance of the wheels. When it comes to wheel maintenance, more and more auto repair shops are using fully automatic auto repair equipment to meet the needs of more car owners. The emergence of wheel repair lathes makes the auto repair shop the icing on the cake, greatly improving the service level and turnover.

"Hey, Caroline. Please give me the price of your best cnc wheel repair machine, I need the best one. " My customer Joseph said.

"No problem, we’re the pioneer of diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine in China. Our wheel repair equipment sell well in the domestic market, and at the same time are exported to Europe, America, Canada, Southeast Asia and other countries, more than 100 countries in the world. We have a professional production team, design team, technical team, consultant team, and service team. If you have any special requirements for the machine, we can design and produce it for you. Now let me to introduce the latest vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 to you. DCM35P-2 is easy to operate with 17-inch touch screen and automatic tool post. It's easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation. " I answered him.

"Do you have a video about it? I want to check the machine work. " Joseph asked.

Then I send him the detailed operation video and because we will have a live broadcast of this wheel repair lathe DCM35P-2 online display the next day, I invite him to watch our live broadcast. Through online live broadcast, I think he can more intuitively understand the most real machine details and detailed operation steps. After our live broadcast starts, customers will go online on time according to our agreed time and come to our live broadcast room to watch the live demo. During the live broadcast, he asked us a lot of questions about the machine, Our customers that have already bought our wheel repair laths are also watching our live broadcast at this time, and he told Joseph, "I have two machines and they are perfect !!" Customer satisfaction is the greatest affirmation of our product performance and quality. The recognition of the Spanish customer made Joseph firmer in his plan to purchase our diamond cutting wheel repair machine.

Finally, Joseph confirmed the order of alloy wheel repair lathe. He told me our diamond cutting wheel repair machine is his trustworthy product, he think it can help him improve the service level and turnover of auto repair shop.

Wheel repair machine is a tool worth investing in

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Originally published 30 Dec 2021, updated 30 Dec 2021.

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