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Professional after sale service of wheel repair machine

20 Sep 2022

As of this year, Taian Hiscience Machinery horizontal wheel repair machine and vertical wheel repair lathe have been sold to 110 countries. Customers are very recognized for the HIENCE brand. This is inseparable from two reasons. One is the excellent quality of the products. Another very important reason is the perfect after-sales service.

After hearing about the after-sales service, will some people think that the quality of the machine itself is not good, which led your company to set up a professional after-sales department? In fact, no, in the world, any large enterprise will establish a mature after-sales department. Many people think that the sale of the product is completed when the product is successfully sold. In fact, after-sales service is the last process of marketing. It lasts for a long time and will directly affect the reputation of the company and the customer's impression of the company. After-sales personnel are required. Continuous communication and feedback with customers, good after-sales service can become the beginning of remarketing. Therefore, in the process of selling the machine, many customers will ask if you have after-sales service for the machine, and we will proudly tell the customer, "Yes, we have it, and it is very professional and efficient."

"Good evening, our vertical wheel repair machine DCM35P-2 is not working now, can you please take a look at what's going on?" This is a message from my Canadian client Ken. This DCM35P-2 was purchased by Ken in 2020 and has been in use for two years. Ken continued, "In the past two years, the wheel repair machine has not had any problems. We recently recruited a new employee who operated the machine without any knowledge of the machine. Then the machine doesn't work".

"Please take me a video of the current machine, as well as pictures of the machine control system and various parts of the switchboard, and we will help you solve it in the shortest possible time." The customer provided the corresponding photos and videos five minutes later, and we listed them in these documents. It is found that there is no problem with the hardware of the machine, and there are no problems with the drivers, control cards, frequency converters, etc. in the distribution box. Then the problem is on the software side. Because the software is independently developed and designed by our company, we know this well, and by asking the customer to provide a complete video, we can conclude that the customer's employee has repeatedly closed the software in an incorrect way and shut down the system before this time, causing the system to crash. We immediately sent the customer video steps on how to restore the system. The customer followed the video steps and repaired the system within ten minutes.

For us, after-sales feedback can explain the problems of products and brands in the market, such as channels, where there are no, where there are too many, such as prices and promotions, what competitors use, what customers think are good, but we do not.. ....For the R&D department, after-sales feedback can explain the problems of the product in the market, and can also provide the R&D department with information on how the product should be improved to better meet the needs of consumers, Please be assured that Hiscience Machinery has always maintained a high level of attention to customer service.

Professional after sale service of wheel repair machine

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Originally published 20 Sep 2022, updated 20 Sep 2022.

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