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The new generation wheel repair machine you need

30 Aug 2022

In 2022, the development of wheel repair machine will enter a new stage. Users are no longer satisfied with just repairing the wheel, but also require simpler and more convenient operation of the machine.

Our fans have noticed the launch of the new DCM32P series of wheel repair lathe in July. This series is divided into DCM32P, DCM32P-S and DCM32P-MAX according to different configurations. Why do we launch new products, and what are the advantages of new products?

Why launch a new product?

Does every user need a large wheel lathe? What do they need for the functionality of a wheel repair machine? Based on years of production experience and customer feedback on our products, we found that many customers do not need to repair wheels larger than 22 inches, or rarely repair wheels larger than 22 inches; we need the machine to operate a little easier, because many of them do not understand lathe knowledge; they want a smaller size machine, not a big guy; they want the machine to move easily, not a big forklift. In order to solve these pain points of users, our company decided to upgrade the current products and develop small wheel repair lathes with more additional functions.

What are the advantages of our new product DCM32P-S wheel repair lathe, and does it meet the needs of customers?

The first is its machine size. This design reduces the size of the machine under the premise of ensuring the stability of the machine. The machine size of the DCM32P-S is (L×W×H): 1450×1120×1960mm. The size of this machine is well received by customers.

The second is that it adds a lot of new features. Perfectly repairing the wheel is its basic function. In order to allow users to use the machine more conveniently, this upgrade has added many practical new functions. The Foma wheel is added at the bottom, which can be moved in both directions; the air gun function is added to the tool holder, which has the functions of cooling and chip removal during the cutting process; the mobile air gun is used for chip removal after repairing. Auxiliary lighting is added in the operating room, making the operating room brighter.

In short, the current DCM32P-S model is more suitable for advanced wheel repair shops or auto repair shops, which can complete wheel repairs better and more conveniently. You are welcome to continue to pay attention to our company's new products.

The new generation wheel repair machine you need

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Originally published 30 Aug 2022, updated 30 Aug 2022.

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