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Wheel repair machine is a witness of our friendship

30 Apr 2020

As an excellent supplier of wheel repair machine, masks were sent to customers around the world during the epidemic. When the UAE customer Henry received the mask, he took the initiative to contact me and expressed gratitude. Henry said that one of his friends, Chris, went to see the machine and was interested in our machine, so he gave me the contact information of Chris. While we tried our best to help our customers fight against the epidemic, the customers also introduced new customers to us, which really confirmed the sentence "Gifts of roses, hand there are lingering fragrance."

When I first got in touch with Chris, I was editing the message to send, he suddenly called me by video call, I was a little excited and a little nervous, I accidentally spilled the coffee next to me, I felt a little bit embarrassed. So I took a deep breath and quickly put the call through. Chris in the video made a deep impression on me, because an old customer from Australia had visited our company before. He was over 50 years old. I thought his friend was about his age, but to my surprise, Chris was young, handsome and had a warm smile.

We introduced ourselves, Chris said: "Can you show me how the machine works? I want to know how long it takes to repair a wheel with your machine?" "Of course, let our workshop technicians show you now." When the machine was ready to start, I began to explain to customers while the colleagues in the workshop were operating the machine." First of all, this is our latest design vertical wheel repair lathe DCM32P, with a 17-inch touch screen, the operation is very simple. You just need 4 steps: Install wheels→detection→ Optimization→diamond cutting. Our wheel repair machine is an automatic lathe which can automatically detect the surface of the wheel and obtain the curve coordinates of the surface, then perfectly repairs the wheel surface in all directions with a diamond cutter along the curve obtained by the probe." I saw Chris in the video listening to me very carefully.

Now let me answer your second question: how long does it take to repair a wheel with our machine. Firstly, the same model wheels can be repaired using the same machining program. The processing time of different sizes and types of grinding wheels is about one minute to more than ten minutes. Different types of wheels are affected by the size, shape and structure, and are suitable for different speeds and processing speeds, which in turn affects the processing time. Secondly, the detection time of different wheels is about ten to thirty minutes. Wheels with different shapes are suitable for different detection speeds, and wheels with a gentle gradient change can use higher detection speeds and larger detection distances to save detection time. Wheels with large changes in shape need to reduce the detection speed and detection distance.

After listening to my introduction, Chris was very excited, "Great, I like your cnc machine, you're very professional. And I want to try your wheel repair machine." Last week, Chris bought one set wheel repair lathe and rim straightening machine. The wheel repair lathe is the bridge of our friendship. We became good friends. Chris also invited me to be a guest at his house. He said that he was a great chef. His wife and children liked him to make food. Let me see his superb cooking skills and take me to visit their beautiful scenery.

Wheel repair machine is a witness of our friendship

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Originally published 30 Apr 2020, updated 30 Apr 2020.

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