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12 August 2019 | View: 0
Discount:US$500 per set. Free:US$200 worth of spare parts Warranty:Extended to 2 years
28 June 2019 | View: 10
On 27th June, Our Norway customer have received his new diamond cut wheel repair machine. Thank you very much for choosing us.
24 June 2019 | View: 14
On 22th June,2019 Our Saudi Arabian customers came to our company again. Our foreign trade department gave them a warm and thoughtful reception. He has ordered one set cnc wood lathe machine from our company in January. So he visits here again to check th
04 June 2019 | View: 29
Many thanks our Europen friend come here again. He has bought 4 sets wheel repair equipments from our company last year. If the machine is good, he will buy more. Yes, After he received the machine, he had cutted many wheels and wheel repair effect was ve
03 May 2019 | View: 39
New age of wheel repair lathe machine! New Vertical alloy wheel repair lathe machine, hot selling, shock coming!!! * Limited time discount order of Vertical wheel repair lathe DCM35C.Only pay 10% deposit to reserve the machine, and get 5% discount. *Onl
03 April 2019 | View: 36
22th 03, 2019 Three customers from New zealand conducted a site visit to the company, Our foreign trade department warmly received friends from afar.
03 January 2019 | View: 35
If you can buy wheel lathe on January,will offer following items for free: 1、US$200USD parts. 2、US$500 coupon per set(Use on next order). 3、Free training。
27 November 2018 | View: 56
Glad to let your know one good news that we have super promotion on Decemeber for diamond cutting wheel repair lathe.The most important is you will save 1000USD on Decemeber if you order it, please check the promotion information below:
31 October 2018 | View: 45
Happy Halloween.🎃 Trick or treat? How do you dress yourself this day?😏
23 October 2018 | View: 67
20th 10, 2018 One of our turkey customer has visited here. The customer from Turkey conducted a site visit to the company, Our foreign trade department warmly received friends from afar.
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