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Rim Straightening Machine ARS26H

Rim Straightening Machine ARS26H


The rim straightening machine ARS26H is specially used to repair the internal and external deformation, distortion, out-of-roundness, dents, etc. of the rim. The equipment is equipped with a gantry structure and 2 hydraulic jacking devices. Without destroying the molecular structure and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy, positioning the damaged wheel hub through heat treatment and artificial aging can quickly restore it to its original shape. At the same time, ARS26H is equipped with a continuously variable speed function, making grinding wheel deviation inspection, positioning marking, shaping and repair, and lathe turning easier and more efficient.


Wheel repair range: 10-26inch

Tool post: 2 position

Speed range of spindle: 0-500r/min

Working pressure: 15 Mpa

Hydraulic motor power: 1.5kw

Spindle motor power: 750W

Dimension: L1310 x W870 x H1400 mm

Gross Weight: 400kgs

Voltage: Single Phase 220V or 3 Phase 380V


Gantry structure, more flexible repair angles

Double hydraulic jack

Turning lathe function

Complete set of repair tools






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