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Full Automatic Tire Changer TC30L

Full Automatic Tire Changer TC30L


Rim clamping size: 14" to 30"

Max.wheel diameter: 1300mm

Wheel width: 3"-13"

Operating pressure: 8-10bar

Motor power: 0.85/1.1kw

Noise Level: <75dB

Bead breaker power: 1400KG

Volume: 3.9m³

Weight: 692KGS

Packing size: 1680 x 1150 x 2000 mm


The main shaft can move longitude with double speed, easy to operate and assure to meet the minimum size 14", maximum size 30" by slight adjustment

The demount head can be automatic

The bead breaker dick is centering with the center of the main shaft. The position of two points can be adjustable

The main shaft slide scale indicates the size of the rim

The tire lifter can automatically rotate the tire

The high strength design of the upper of the gearbox can secure the machine to demount stiff tire

Monitor system is convenient to see the process of demounting tire

Blast inflation can only be acted by two hands making the operation safer

Automatically stop on the condition of non-operation, saving electric power

The console is comfortable to control the machine

The pump station is imported






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