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Tire Changer Machine TC30H

Tire Changer Machine TC30H


Rim clamping from outside: 14" to 26"

Rim clamping from inside: 17" to 30"

Max.wheel diameter: 1200mm

Wheel width: 4"-15"

Operating pressure: 8-10bar

Motor power: 0.75/1.1kw

Noise Level: <75dB

Volume: 3.0m³

Net weight: 580KGS

Gross weight: 695KGS

Packing size: 1440 x 1140 x 1830mm


Equipped with standard configuration, max inside clamp to 30", which increase the demounting size

Double-bending techniques, 5mm steel board-made column ensures handling tires in high intensity

The pedal has step function, which can install the tire accurately and time saving

The tool box under the column and bead breaker is convenient for putting the tools and parts

IT model with the quick inflation device improves the inflation efficiency

The two helpers, can handle the low-profile, stiff tire within the range of the technical data, and other helper is optional for the machine

The turntable is equipped with the wear-resistant washer and scale

The horizontal arm use 55mm square steel and hard chromium plating, which can ensure intensity and endurance

The use of S41 hexagonal shaft secures the anti-bend strength of the hexagonal shaft

Horizontal arm is equipped with the horizontal lock cylinder, the lock of which is better

The standard lifting system can save more time and effort when removing tires larger than 24 inches






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