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Wheel Drying Oven KX-102

Wheel Drying Oven KX-102


The wheel oven KX-102 is designed of 2 levels: it can dry 2 wheels at the same time. The appearance of the oven is very delicate and beautiful. The wheel after spray paint can dry out soon in the oven. It can improve the work more efficient and practical. It is designed the fan is circular air supply, the sealing effect is very good, it can be configured with intelligent temperature controller according to the requirements, the maximum temperature can get 300℃,with fast temperature rising, low radiation and efficient hot air circulation evenly.

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Overall dimensions: L1050 × W800 × H1256 mm

Internal dimensions: L660 × W650 × H800 mm

Number of wheels at one time: 2 wheels

Power: 4KW

Temperature control: 0-300℃

Time Alarm: 0-99min

Voltage: 220V 1PH / 380V 3PH

Weight: 125KG


Small size oven can be placed on van

It can dry 2 wheels at a time, and the maximum wheel size is 24 inches

Intelligent temperature control and timing panel, easy to operate

Buzzer alarm function and working indicator light

Aluminum silicate insulation cotton has good insulation effect, and the oven heats up quickly, and it can be raised from room temperature to 200 ℃ in 20 minutes






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