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Wheel Polishing Machine

Wheel Polishing Machine


This equipment is specially designed for polishing wheels. Through the vibration of the motor and the selection of different abrasives, the surface of the wheel can be rough polished, fine polished and brightly polished, instead of manual deburring and polishing. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, while improving the processing quality and efficiency of parts. No dust is generated during the processing of the equipment, which reduces environmental pollution and meets the needs of environmental protection.


Max, diameter of wheel: 31inch

Effective diameter: 860mm

Bucket Volume: 280L

Total power (China Brand): 2.6KW

Total power (Italy Brand): 2.4KW

Motor: 3 Set vibration motors

Voltage (can be customized): 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase

Surface treatment inside: Polyurethane coating

Material of machine: Carbon steel Q235 with painting

Weight: 750kg

Overall dimension: 1330 × 1750 × 1580 mm


Different machine sizes can be selected

The motor can be selected from Chinese brands and Italian brands

Configure abrasive circulation system

Equipped with a discharge port to facilitate the replacement of abrasives






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