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Brake drum (disc) lathe

Brake drum (disc) lathe


The cutting machine of brake drum and brake disc is one kind of multifunctional machine for boring the friction surface of the brake drum, brake disc and expanding brake shoe. This kinds machines is equipped with various sorts and specifications clamping fixtures,that clamp the brake elements to boring. This kinds machines meet requirements of different kinds cars and trucks for boring brake elements. Design and manufactured of this machine meet the demand of state standard brake drum cutting machine This machine meet the use of the transportation and repairer business.


Diameter range for brake drum: 180-650mm

For Brake disc: ≤500mm

Speed range: 30/52/85 r/min

Maximum tool stroke: 250mm

Tool move speed: 0.16mm/r

Motor power: 1.1kw

Package size: L800 x 875 x 1050 mm

Weight: 580kg


Wide processing range. The effective stroke basically covers all sizes of the car's brake disc or brake drum, especially suitable for larger brake discs

The brake drum lathe machine has strong rigidity. The transmission system and the base are whole made to increase the rigidity of the machine

It can realize the rapid lifting and the walking cutter move forward and backward, improves the working efficiency






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