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DCM35C Vertical wheel repair lathe machine
Controller: SYNTEC Max.wheel size: 35inch. Guide rail: Linear guides Structure: Gantry structure
PC wheel repair lathe AWR28HPC
Controller: 17 inch PC controller. Max.wheel repair size: 28 Or 32H inch wheel. Main motor power:7.5KW
CNC wheel repair lathe AWR2532/2840/3050
Controller: CNC SYNTEC ; Max.wheel repair size: 26 Or 30 inch wheel ; Main motor power:7.5KW
CNC wood lathe H-S150D-M
Max.Swing over bed of Single axis: 300-500mm ; Max.machining length: 1000/1500/2000mm ; CNC controller: DSP / CNC
CNC wood lathe H-T150D-TM
Max.Swing over bed of upper axis(mm): 500-800 Max.Swing over bed of three axis(mm): 160-195 Max. Machining length(mm): 1500
CNC lathe CK6150A
Swing over bed : 500mm ; Spindle bore: 82mm ; Max.length of work piece: 750mm/1000mm/1500mm ; Motor power:4 kw
CNC lathe CK6136A-2
Max.Swing over bed:360mm Max.lengh of workpiece: 750mm Spindle bore: 60mm Motor: 5.5KW
CNC metal spinning machine HS600
Max diameter of workpiece: 1000mm The maximum rotary diameter over the plate: 700mm Max length of workpiece: 450mm
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     Taian Hiscience Machinery Co.,ltd is located in Taian city, Shandong province, China. The company adjacent to three estuaries of Qingdao 、Shanghai、lianyungang seaport as well as Qingdao、 Jinan、Shanghai Airport. We have superior export and import geographic position. Is dedicated to the research and development production and sales of CNC machine tools.We are manufacturer and trader of CNC lathe ,Slant bed Horizontal CNC lathe, CNC Pipe threading lathe.........

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Customer in Norway orders wheel repair lathe

On 27th June, Our Norway customer have received his new diamond cut wheel repair machine. Thank you very much for choosing us.



Welcome Saudi Arabian customers to visit our company

On 22th June,2019 Our Saudi Arabian customers came to our company again. Our foreign trade department gave them a warm and thoughtful reception. He has ordered one set cnc wood lathe machine from our company in January. So he visits here again to check th



Welcome Europen customer to visit our factory 

Many thanks our Europen friend come here again. He has bought 4 sets wheel repair equipments from our company last year. If the machine is good, he will buy more. Yes, After he received the machine, he had cutted many wheels and wheel repair effect was ve



Limited time discount order of Vertical wheel lathe

New age of wheel repair lathe machine! New Vertical alloy wheel repair lathe machine, hot selling, shock coming!!! * Limited time discount order of Vertical wheel repair lathe DCM35C.Only pay 10% deposit to reserve the machine, and get 5% discount. *Onl

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CNC lathe Professional Manufacturers!

Adhering 'Meticulously,Careful,Dedication,Intimate,Patient' Five level service standards


More than 10 sets of special research, experienced,CNC lathe model complete!

The company is strong in technology, has a group of young and promising to engage in 15 years of intelligent equipment design and manufacturing, CNC software research and development experience in professional and technical personnel, efficient and efficient. production staff two shift system, efficient and efficient.


Detection process rigorous,advanced equipment!

Advanced production technology, durable and wear-resistant products, cost-effective. Technical personnel per capita more than 10 years experience, better performance; beautiful appearance, high wear resistance, long service life.


Products meet national and, international standards!

The use of advanced countries in Europe and the tolerance and material standards, in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 standard established a quality management system to ensure product quality to meet industry requirements.Products meet multiple international quality system, export quality, trustworthy.


Perfect service system, so you rest assured that choice!

Improve the logistics and distribution centers, products are sold throughout the country; professional technical staff for you free of charge to provide staff technical training and technical advisory services; emergency single special treatment to ensure that the interests of customers to maximize.

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