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CNC wheel repair lathe AWR32H
Product Features:
Controller: CNC SYNTEC. Max.wheel repair size: 28 Or 32 inch wheel. Main motor power:7.5KW
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A. Standard configuarion    

1. Diamond  Cutter  1 set;                                              

2. 3-Jaws Chuck(With Special Soft Jaws)

3. TP300   Pioneer Sensing Probe  TP300;                   

4. SYTEC system from Taiwan

5. Manual Quick Change Toolpost,Four-station;    

6. Work Lighting System;

7. Automatic Lubrication System;                                

8. Cooling System;

9.  Full Enclose(Security Guard Door);                        

10. Tools&Tool Box

11. Specific Digital Optimization Software;                

12. Training Video CD;

B. Introduce 

Function: The main function of the machine is repair the damaged wheel face.The machine can probe of alloy wheel and generate the cutting program automatically, and using the diamond cutter to repair the wheel end-face. After probe, the program will be automatically generated, it is very easy to operation.

C. Th, e video of the lathe

The video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyDev33xeqQ


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