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Vertical Alloy Wheel Repair Machine DCM32P
Product Features:
New vertical alloy wheel repair lathe machine DCM32P uses integrative PC controller, 4 automatic tool changer, automatic detection system. High precision control, 4 steps can finish wheel repair. No need waiting, high convenient and efficient.
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Alloy wheel repair lathe machine DCM32P Specifications


Max. swing over bed (mm):770

Max wheel repairable size (inch):5’’~30’’

X axis guide rail type/Number:Linear guide rail / Double

X axis driving torque:6N·M

Z axis guide rail type/Number:Linear guide rail

Z axis Driving motor power:10N·M

Range of spindle speed (RPM):50~1500

Spindle speed control:Servo control

Spindle motor power:5.5KW(Servo motor)

Min. setting unit of motor:

(Z) Long 0.001mm,(X) Cross 0.001mm

Moving speed of post:

(Z) Long 12m/min,(X) Cross 16m/min

Stations of tool carrier: 4 position

Tool holder control method: Automatic

Machine size(L/W/H) (mm): 1460×1050×1830

Weight: 1150KG

Vertical alloy wheel repair lathe machine or refinishing equipmenet by diamond cut is used to repair damaged wheel surface when the surface of your wheel has been ‘skimmed’. The repair take of a miniscule amount of material from the face of the wheel exposing new clean shiny material. The CNC follows the profile of the wheel and the cutter is a diamond tip. Smart integrative PC controller, automatic tool post and protective doors, which let your have a new understand about wheel repair machine. It is easier to operation, save time and cost. It use high precision probe system to get wheel surface program, then use diamond cutter to cut small deep material, you will get perfect diamond cutting effect.


Diamond cut CNC wheel repair lathe Features:


1、The max.wheel repair size can up to 30 inch;

2、Intergrative PC controller, all steps can be finished on PC and easy to operate.

3、High precision ruby detection system. Automatic protective doors.

4、4 stations automatic tool changer: the tool and detection station conversion can be realized by CNC system:

5、Two-axis guide rails use precise components such as linear guides and ball screws for precise control;

6、The gantry structure, can ensure perfect wheel repair effect from the center to the edge;

7、Cast iron body, strong rigidity, avoiding the vibration texture caused by the wheel during the cutting process;

8、The main motor adopts servo motor, which can maintain strong torque at different speeds;

9、Guide rail and screw are fully closed and protected to avoid precision damage caused by the entry of aluminum chips;

10、Automatic lubrication system is used for main moving parts;

11、Can choose different machine appearance.

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