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A. Standard specification.

   Hydraulic 8 tool post ; Spindle unit

   Hydraulic chuck,tailstock.

   Double rectangular hard rails;

   System : SIMENS or GSK

   Self lubrication, lighting system, coolant system.

B. Usage

TCK7540D is the slant bed cnc machine tools of high speed , high precision , high reliability. Unit structure spindle is driven by frequency conversion motor by the wedge belt, could reach highest speed. Workpiece is clamped by hydraulic chuck. Convenient in clamping,high in accuracy and save strength. Spindle bearing structure has 3 contacting points in the back and the twos in the front touching the bearings, high in speed and stiffness. Machine adopts 45 degrees oblique slide saddle and linear guide rail, strong in rigidity, fast in speed and easy in chip removal . The screws of X and Z axis are in the middle of the slide carriage , well- distributed in force , smooth in movement, high in speed, large in tool capacity. It is easy to operate hydraulic tailstock. Fully shield machine house does not leak oil and water , green and beautiful.


1.The spindle adopts high precision spindle unit , high rotary precision, high speed, outstanding rigidity.

2.High strength base, widen the lathe bed and plate reinforcement is designed to ensure required strong cutting.

3.Machine guide adopts the precision level of preloading liner guide rail with hardness mover 58''.

4.High degree of machine modular design has good configuration option and rooting platform.

5.Optional accessories: The controller can be selected from FANUC, Mitsubishi, Siemens. 3 jaw chuck, specialized equipment tools, spring collet.

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