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Pipe thread lathe machine Q350
Product Features:
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Overall dimensions

Length                           4050mm

width                        1900mm

Height                            1630mm

Weight (without holder)        8500kg

Main specification

Max producing taper                     1:4

Max.swing over bed       1000mm

The pipe diameter                114-350mm

Maximum machining length


The taper device travel                   930mm


Spindle forward speed grade                  9

The range of speed              6.6-198r/min

The spindle reverse of speegrade             3

The range of speed       13.5-200.9r/min

Spindle bore                        350mm

Feed specification

Aspect to the number of species                                     32

Per revolution of spindle feed range

Transverse                   0.04-0.72mm

Longitudinal                     0.1-1.44mm

The number of metric thread processing     24

Processing inch thread pitch         24

Processing metric thread pitch         1-15mm

Processing inch thread pitch         1-15t.p.i

Rapid traverse longitudinal saddle                                               4m/min

Sliding box hand wheel rotary and sliding base travel                                     1mm

Knife rest rotary per time the knife rest travel.                                    0.05mm

Bottom slide rotary per time travel                                        0.05mm

Spindle and knife distance                                    33mm


Diameter sleeve top                100mm

Top sleeve travel              250mm

Taper sleeve top    Morse6

The amount of lateral movement of tailstoc  ±15mm

Taper                     Morse 6


Main power   Y180M-4 18.5KW 1470r/min 380v

Main motor belt               B1727

Fast electric   NY80-4 1.1KW1350r/min 380v

Clamping motor:  YXZ90-L-4 1.5KW 1400r/min 380v

Gear pumps    CB-B6  2.5Mpa    1450r/min



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