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How about alloy wheel rim straightening machine ARS26?

When we are driving, we will inevitably be unable to avoid the sudden pit in front of us due to the speed too fast, resulting in damage to the wheel and deformation of the wheel. Shall we throw it away for a new one or repair it? I suggest that you find a professional alloy repair shop to repair it with the bent wheel repair rim straightening machine, so that the previous shape can be restored, and there is no need to spend a lot of money to replace a new wheel.

Have you read about our rim repair machine ARS26? It is a high-end wheel repair product integrating wheel repair and lathe functions. In this way, if you need welding materials when repairing the rim, you can repair the welded materials on this machine. The rim straightening machine ARS26 is professionally used to repair various alloy wheel with warp, deformation, and sunken etc. It has many advantages, such as unique design, perfect repair effect, simple operation process etc. Machinable diameter of wheel: ø0-ø 660mm (0’’-26’’).



The machine adopts simple operate moving piston system which controlled by hydraulic unit. Under the condition of not damage the molecular structure and mechanical property, locate the damaged alloy wheel, with heat treatment and artificial aging, we can let the wheel recover to original state.



The machine has a complete set of core tools and components. At the same time, the machine has stepless speed change. The machine has functions of Offset distance detection, positioning mark, rim straightening, turning cutting, surface polishing etc. It is most advanced alloy wheel repair equipment.



For alloy wheel repair, we can provide a complete set of wheel repair equipment solutions. If the shape of the wheel is changed, use a rim straightening machine; if the surface of the hub is scratched, use diamond cutting alloy wheel repair lathe; if the wheel or tire needs cleaning, we have an ultrasonic cleaning machine; If you need to remove paint or rust from the surface of the wheel, you can use our sandblasting machine. If you need to polish the surface of the wheel by grinding, we have vibrating wheel polishing machine, etc. We can provide all the equipment related to wheel repair from tire picking to wheel repair.



If you want to open a new repair shop or professional wheel repair shop, you can find us, we can provide you with professional consulting services, and provide a complete set of equipment solutions.


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