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Wheel repair machine make everything faster

May 20th seems to be the third Valentine's Day in China, because the homonym of 520 in Chinese is similar to “I love you”. Therefore, a lot of news is reported, and a long line has been lined up in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau. In the past few years, you will observe long queues wherever you go. For example, you have to wait traffic queues, popular restaurants, and amusement parks. In fast-paced life, waiting seems to run counter to efficiency and speed.


For us, our duty is to provide the best diamond cut wheel repair machine so that you can repair the wheel more quickly and efficiently. Imagine that there is a restaurant where the food is delicious, but due to the long wait, will some customers give up this delicious dish? The same reason can be proved, If your wheel repair skills are very good, but because of the hot business, customers need to wait for their worn-out wheels to be repaired. Will they choose your store?


Why do many customers choose us as their wheel repair machine supplier? Because we are efficient and fast, there are mainly the following aspects:


1, Simple operation and fast repair. Our automatic wheel repair machine controller made with an industrial PC to achieve the simplest operation of a wheel repair machine. There are no unnecessary buttons and operations inside the system, and many operations and automated operations of the wheel repair machine components are realized, which improves the efficiency of repair. You can change the detection speed and diamond cutting speed. Our wheel repair lathe can store the detection program. When you repair other wheels of the same model, you can cut directly without probing again, which saves a lot of time. If you ask me whether the surface of the hub is only partially damaged, can it be repaired perfectly by adjusting the local cutting amount? I can tell you for sure that this is completely no problem, because we have our own unique optimization software that can modify the local curve on the computer to only increase the amount of cutting at the local damaged position to make the wheel safe At the same time, the most reliable repair of the wheel hub is achieved.


2, Fast delivery time. Fast delivery can shorten your receipt time as much as possible. We are a professional manufacturer of wheel repair lathes. Each model is designed and manufactured by us independently. Our factory can independently assemble it. Once again, our products are mature products. Before the products are stocked, they have undergone rigorous audits, market inspections, customer feedback, and continuous improvement in order to prepare a large number of stocks as mature products. Secondly, based on the analysis of previous sales data, the company uses the sales volume as a reference to make advance production plans and product reserves in advance for hot-selling products. So fast delivery is not an empty talk. Delivery time is generally within one week. For freight transportation, we have a long-term freight forwarder who can help you to arrange transportation. You can also choose to find a local freight forwarder for FOB transportation.


3, Fast learning and after sales. We offer details manual book and step by step to show you how to operate the machine. As long as you can use a computer, you will successfully learn our machine in a short time. The warranty of our wheel repair machine is one year but we can provide life-time service. And the machine supports remote assistance. And if there is a problem, you can send picture and video to us, our after-sale service team can provide service online which can quickly find the cause of machine problems, and timely maintenance.


Hiscience wheel repair machine let you redefine the standard of fast and efficient and make everything faster.


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