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When wheel repair machine returns, do you have such special feelings?

More and more friends talk about "feelings" when talking about cars. It seems that the faster the modern automobile industry develops, the more precious the old cars in memory become. When you pass by a feeling system When it comes to car models, you will always praise it inwardly. If the old car is resurrected and enters the market again, will you really pay for the feelings? When the wheel repair machine returns, do you also have such a special feeling about it? 


Goodbye Atz! Mazda 6 officially returned, giving up the front drive and adopting the rear drive. Once known as a generation of god cars, after 5 years of silence, the king who controlled the curve you are familiar with returns. The unique engine technology is full of surprises. The appearance of the new car is very stylish, quite sporty. The flat head has been completely redesigned, and the headlights on both sides are made with the latest LED light sources. The lampshade is slightly convex, like the eyes of a beast, which adds a lot of wildness. The overall face value of the new Mazda 6 completely subverts the previous models.


If you are also a car owner who has a special feeling for Mazda 6, when you are scratched in the surface of your car or caused some damage to the wheels due to the impact, the mood at that time will definitely be like losing your beloved toy. How can it be restored to its original appearance? HIENCE wheel repair machine is back again, it will make your car's face value explode. Absolutely unprecedentedly handsome. will you really pay for the feelings ? What can a wheel repair machine do for the Mazda 6?


The 2020 wheel repair machine of HIENCE adopts the latest design, and its super high value and performance are comparable to the new Mazda 6. The adopted pneumatic protective door device, 4-station electric knife holder, and humanized design make the operation of the machine more convenient. With PC touch screen, but also can use together Mouse and Keyboard. More convenient to use. The degree of automation also greatly reduces the labor force of workers. Even more striking is its wheel repair effect. According to different requirements, a perfect repair effect can be achieved. Such as rainbow line effect and line effect. What is the features of HIENCE Wheel repair machine ?


1. The Max.wheel repair size can up to 30 inch;

2. Two-axis adopts linear guide rails and ball screws for precise control;

3. The gantry structure can ensure perfect wheel repair effect from the center to the edge; 

4. Cast iron body, strong rigidity, avoiding the vibration texture caused by the wheel during the cutting process;

5.  The main servo motor can maintain strong torque at different speeds;

6. Automatic tool holder: the tool and detection station conversion can be realized by CNC system;

7.  Guide rail and screw are fully closed and protected to avoid precision damage caused by the entry of aluminum chips;

8. Automatic lubrication system is used for main moving parts;

9.  Can choose different machine appearance;

A butterfly in a tropical rainforest in South America flaps its wings a few times, possibly causing a tornado in Texas, USA, two weeks later. "Cold winter in the car market" is also often accompanied by waves of "official price reductions". Affected by the epidemic, the wheel repair machine are also facing some difficulties, but thank you for the waves of heart-warming customers who continue to buy HIENCE wheel repair machine.


HIENCE Wheel repair machine always insists on quality first and builds its own brand. Do you also have a special feeling for such a wheel repair machine ?

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