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What are the advantages of the newly designed alloy wheel repair lathe machine?

A customer from New Zealand told me when he came to visit our company that if the wheel hub of their car is damaged, as long as you can repair it, you are not free to improve the new wheel. Because the procedure of replacing a new wheel is very troublesome, the report issued by the professional wheel repair shop shows that the wheel really cannot be repaired, you can replace the new wheel, and the cost of replacing a new wheel is very expensive. I believe the same problem exists in other countries of the world. This makes it important for car owners to repair the wheels if it is damaged. Of course, for a wheel repair shop, with professional alloy wheel repair lathe machine, repaired good wheel can make customers satisfied, is their success, will also help to increase business.

The vertical wheel repair lathe DCM32P newly developed by our company in 2020, is a new type of diamond cut wheel repair lathe. It breaks away from horizontal machine tool structure in design and adopts the structure of vertical lathe. However, it is different from the vertical lathe in other countries in the world.

At present, there are several suppliers of vertical wheel repair machine in the UK and Europe, but through our comparative research and analysis, we still want to make products beyond them. Although the cost may be a little higher, we must satisfy our customers and the life of the machine should be long. Other vertical CNC wheel lathe is basically aluminum lathe bed, and guide rail and lead screw did not do the basic protection, the machine itself for the safety of the operator is very weak. After our research, we basically determined the design of our machine and implemented it perfectly.

My vertical alloy wheel CNC lathe appearance design is very luxurious atmosphere, the use of rounded corners and the combination of edges and corners of the design ideas, the appearance of the user feel all the design is the whole, do not change the slightest. In addition, we designed the sheet metal shell with full metal sheet metal shell for safety reasons, and we also added window lattice to the window. From the outside, you can also see that this machine has both guide rail and lead screw as the outer protective cover. What is this used for? Friend who haven't experienced it may not know it. Aluminum material which is cut off at the time of repairing wheel is very small, and has the very good stickiness, if there is no protection, it is easy to stick on the guide rail and ball screw, consequence is rest every time go to that location will be blocked, reflected in the wheel will leave a line, and you still don't know what the reason, and the reason why sometimes it is hard to find, this is the importance of the protection.

Another highlight of the new wheel repair lathe design is its greater automation. The first industrial revolution of automation was an unwavering pursuit of mankind. Our integrated operating system has no redundant buttons and steps, using the most direct and simple operation design; Automatic tool change also saves the time of manual tool change; More let you move happiness is that we also made the protective door automatic. In order to save space, we made the protective door lifting mode, automatic switch is particularly necessary.

Finally, an important advantage of the overall design is that its volume is relatively small, and we adopted the cast-iron bed structure instead of the aluminum alloy structure, which not only ensures the machine is small enough, but also guarantees the stability of the machine when repairing the relatively large and heavy hub.

Here, and for you to introduce some details of our new products, I believe you also learned some knowledge about hub lathe, we will see you next time.

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