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Wheel repair lathe can repair scuffed alloy wheels?

"Good wine needs no bush"? The train of the times has been galloping in the 21st century. While focusing on internal quality, it also needs to focus on external performance. In addition to the pursuit of outstanding dynamic performance and unparalleled safety performance of modern automobiles, various beautiful and handsome wheels have continuously improved the manufacturing process. Forging, casting, bright surface, spray painting and other processes have indeed improved the car's appearance and high-end sense.
There are various types of wheels in the automotive industry today, but they are usually aluminum alloy wheels. Although it does enhance the high-end feel and appearance of the car, the wheel rotates for a long time and often even rubs against the roadside, so it is almost inevitable caused abrasion.  Those more luxurious and exquisite models will be more conspicuous if there is a problem, so the owners will spend a lot of money to repair their favorite wheel hubs, hoping to restore the original effect, but is it really effective? Is the operation complicated? It is said that in some cases, repairing the wheel hub will bring new potential risks. Today, I will give you detailed answers on how to repair the aluminum wheel.
Generally, the damage of aluminum alloy wheels can be basically divided into three categories according to the cause and degree of damage.
1. When parking on the side of the road, if it is in close contact with the road, it will generally cause wear and abrasion on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel . Since it does not affect the force structure of the wheel, it only needs to beautify the surface. This kind of abrasion is very easy to fix.
2. When galloping on a highway suddenly encounters a large pit or high hurdle, it may cause significant deformation and distortion. Before repairing, the wheel must be rough-polished on the surface. The wheel is cleaned by sandblasting to lay the foundation for subsequent beautification.
3. Accidental collision during high-speed driving may cause the wheel to break.
For the above different situations, how to repair?
For surface abrasion, rough surface grinding and beautification are carried out. For the abrasion at the wear position, the gap is slightly larger, and welding is used to make up. The repair location is sanded so that the final metal remains approximately flat. After the surface treatment is completed, painting is performed next. Because the wheels of some models have a bright surface and a drawing process, good results cannot be achieved simply by grinding, and HIENCE wheel repair lathes are required for finishing.

HIENCE has professional wheel repair lathes. Through the probe to detect the curve of the hub surface, after processing by the optimized software, a perfect hub cutting effect can be achieved. It only takes about 20 minutes to repair a brand new wheel, and the wheel of the same model can be used directly next time. Save time and energy. A high-end wheel repair shop must use a good wheel repair lathe. On the one hand, it can reassure the owner, without waiting too long. The most important thing is customer satisfaction. Of course, customers will also tell others, "This is a very good wheel repair shop, a repair center with professional equipment and professional services."

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