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What is newest wheel repair machine in 2020?

2019 is going faster than I thought. Looking back at the diamond cutting wheel repair machine industry over the past 365 days, I summarized the key words that summarize the development of wheel repair machine: fewer operate steps, more convenient operation, small footprint, large repairable wheel size.
In the coming 2020, HIENCE has brought the latest wheel repair lathe that combines the above points to the world stage.

The vertical wheel repair machine DCM32P is a completely new research and development of a machine for wheel repair, I can proud to say there is no same vertical wheel repair machine as us. From the details of each machine, to the selection of each machine parts, to the choice of machine structure, all through the strict test of each link. Our machine structure in factory, It adopts gantry structure which is more stability. Two-axis adopts linear guide rails and ball screws for precise control. The structural body is made of cast iron and resin sand casting. The Z axis is driven by four linear guides, double ball screws and double servo motor. Meanwhile, the counterweight is used to balance the z-axis with a large load bearing capacity, which effectively ensures the influence of the two axes due to different stress structures. The cutting feed in the process of wheel repair can keep sensitive control response and achieve the perfect alloy wheel repair effect.

Once this machine was launched, it was sought after by customers. Of course, many customers have many questions about this machine. We will answer the questions raised by customers below.
Q:what is the difference between vertical wheel repair machine and horizontal machine ?
A:The vertical machine is more convenient to clamp wheel and occupy a smaller space; But in terms of the force structure of the 2 axis, the horizontal machine is superior to the vertical machine, but we solved the problem, so if you choose the vertical machine, please carefully choose the experienced manufacturer.
Q: Is the operation of the machine easy to learn and operate?
A:Our company provides detailed operate instructions and training vedios. Our professional after-sales service team can provide remote technical guidance to help customers carry out systematic and comprehensive learning; Customers can learn and master all operations in a short time from our company's market experience in more than 80 countries around the world. Customers can also choose to arrive our factory for free training, or provide paid face-to-face training services to customers' countries according to customer requirements.
Q: What’s the advantage of your control system?
A: The PC control system is special developed and upgraded by our company according to the customers' feedback and requirements during use of SYNTEC CNC system,The difference is:The system can be optimized automatic for most wheels curves, which means the machine can cutting directly after the detection.

We have been committed to the development and production of wheel repair lathes, If you want to know what is your new wheel repair lathe and trend, please follow us.

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