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Tai Chi and wheel repair lathe

“One year is in spring, one day is in the morning” As a company employee, what is the first thing after you go to work? Do you prefer to reply an urgent email or make a one-day work plan? Or maybe you need refreshing with a cup of coffee? But the staff at HIENCE is very different from you. We are all doing Tai Chi before work. Presumably, you are also shocked. Does all Chinese know people Chinese Kung Fu?

In fact, Tai Chi is not a Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi is a national intangible cultural heritage. It is a perfect combination of the dialectical theoretical thinking of the Chinese nation and martial arts, art, guiding techniques, and Chinese medicine. It is a high-level human culture. It can achieve the purpose of self-cultivation, cultivation of sentiment, physical fitness, and longevity.


For HIENCE, work hard is important, but people are the root of everything. Our company advocates people-oriented. As a wheel repair machine supplier with many years of manufacturing experience, our company's strength, product quality, reputation protection, core technology, great service are our highlights. All of this is inseparable from the efforts and support of every employee of HIENCE. In the final analysis, it is the power of people. Therefore, the physical and spirit state of the employees is the top priority of our attention. What are the benefits of Tai Chi?


In terms of physiology, he can increase the sensitivity of the nervous system, smooth the meridians, blood vessels, lymphatic and circulatory systems to strengthen the individual's resistance, improve flexibility, muscle strength and muscular endurance, improve cardiopulmonary function, and treat chronic digestive tract diseases. In the spiritual aspect, it can alleviate mental stress, improve work efficiency, and understand the way of self-cultivation.  



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