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Do you know difference of laser detection and ruby probe detection system?

As we all know,the detection system is important for wheel repair machine.There are two major type of detection systems for wheel repair machine in the current market, which are laser detection system and high precision ruby probe detection.Maybe they all can be used for wheel repair. However, different detection systems have different detect accuracy and convenience. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of detection systems ? If you are confused like this, I am honored to introduce you the advantages and disadvantages of this two type detection systems.



The above is a theoretical analysis of the characteristics of laser detection system and ruby probe detection in various aspects in the form of a table. In addition, in practical applications, the handling of the more complex alloy wheel surface and wheel edge is more able to test the function of the detection system. How to choose the suit detection system to detect curved wheels, wheel edge and near-vertical deep-dish wheels? The perpendicularity of the laser detection and the surface of the hub affects the measurement accuracy, and the laser scattering error is large, which causes distortion of the collection point and distortion of the curve processing. The ruby collection point is the same as the R tool cutting trajectory, which is closest to the true curve of the hub. The signal triggered by the ruby probe detection system is multi-dimensional, and the 3mm ruby diameter can suit the detection of different shapes of alloy wheels. Therefore, there is no doubt that the ruby probe system is no problem to perform perfect detection of all kind of shapes wheels.

Through the above comparison, I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of laser detection and ruby probe detection system.Taian Hiscience Machinery Co.ltd is using ruby probe system for wheel repair machine.It can be better to detect the wheel surface and realize the best detection accuracy.

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