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What kind of humanized design is the best for the wheel repair lathe?

With the continuous development of society, more and more car repair shop use wheel repair machine to repair and maintenance of wheels. In particular, choose the machine that is easy to operate and user-friendly. So what can make the wheel repair machine more human?


On this issue, I conducted a series of investigations about machines on the market, the detailed survey results are as follows:


1. User-friendly design of the machine height: The height of the lathe is designed according to the average height of European and American customers. The purpose is to facilitate the technician to operate the machine and more intuitively display the operation of the machine.


2. PC controller: The machine is easy to operate with 17 inch touch screen and optimization software. One key can set start point and end point. Only simple 4-step operation is required to detectoptimizecut wheelsrealize mirror or rainbow line effect.


3. The Control panel can be rotated: the control panel of most repair equipment is fixed on the lathe. During the working process of the machine, the part has be upgraded. The control panel can be adjusted to achieve the perfect cutting effect while observing the machining process.


4. Magnetic hand-wheel unit: An easy to operate control element, light weight and easy to use, it can be operated at close range, making the feed movement of the shaft more intuitive.


5.The pneumatic safety door: Open or close the pneumatic door with one button. It’s easy for operator to use. When the machine working, you can not open the door so can confirm the safety of the operator.


Based on the above overview, we can know human-friendly wheel repair lathe is easier to operate. Our diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe DCM35P developed by Hiscience Machinery can probe and cut wheels automatically, meet the human-friendly design requirement. Can realize perfect cutting effects, such as rainbow line or mirror effect and remove all the damage, smooth the surface.The machine is very easy to learn and operation with the manual and training video. Inexperienced people can master skilled operations after only half a day of training.




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