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Full upgrade DCM35P vertical diamond cut wheel repair lathe machine

With a unique vertical finishing touch diamond cut wheel repair machine DCM35P is HIENCE s latest research and development of new wheel repair machine. There are various wheel repair machine in market, but the DCM35P is a newest machine you have never seen before.



DCM35P is made in high quality constructions built. The 2 axis of wheel lathe adopt the most stable gantry structure.The structural body is high stability and high accuracy. The Z axis is driven by four linear guides, double ball screws and double servo motor. Meanwhile, the counterweight is used to balance the z-axis with a large load bearing capacity,which effectively ensures the influence of the two axes due to different stress structures. The cutting feed in the process of wheel repair can keep sensitive control response and achieve the perfect alloy wheel repair effect.



The perfect wheel machine is not only the high quality of mechanical side but also include the best software.Our finishing touch screen is special designed for wheel repair, step by step software.The surface curve of the wheel hub is detected by the high precision touch probe, use diamond cutter to cut and repair wheel surface. PC controller can optimize the curve directly and improve the machining quality of the wheel surface, without the need of another computer to make a special optimization. PC vertical wheel repair machine is more easier to operate than CNC wheel repair machine and do not need professional knowledge of the CNC. Dont need to understand the complex programming process. It is convenient to operate by touch screen and equipped with a wireless keyboard &mouse to meet the different operating habits.


DCM35P can make your shiny alloy wheels looks as good as new after repair. It can realize rainbow line finishing, mirror finishing, different density textured finishing. DCM35P eliminates the need to purchase new alloys and can completely refreshed the looks of your alloy wheels. If you are wheel service shop.DCM35P can also extend your business.


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