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Is vertical wheel repair lathe your better choice?

The development of wheel repair lathe should be developed earlier, from the early use of ordinary non-cnc lathe to CNC lathe, to industrial PC control;From horizontal wheel lathe to vertical wheel lathe, has been developed for several generations. Which machine is better for our users? For different customer requirements, different customer budgets, including the customer's shop space, different machines are selected. Today I would like to introduce to you a vertical diamond cutting wheel lathe independently developed by HIENCE machinery. Here you will see a wheel repair equipment DC35P that you have never seen before.



HIENCE vertical wheel lathe is a completely new research and development of a machine, from the details of each machine, to the selection of each machine parts, to the choice of machine structure, all through the strict test of each link. On the basis of reducing cost, select the best machine parts and machine structure.


What are the advantages of vertical wheel lathe for users?

1、Space occupancy. Vertical wheel lathe with vertical structure, after the new design of DCM35P, on the basis of satisfying the perfect operation, the space has been controlled in the smallest range.Some other suppliers can not control the floor space of the machine tool by directly using the wheel repair lathe changed from the normal metal processing vertical lathe.



2、More convenient operation. Vertical machine is easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation.




3、The maximum size of wheel can be repaired.

 In general, the vertical hub repair lathe compared with the horizontal lathe, the machine volume is small, occupy a small area, but because of structural reasons can achieve a larger hub repair size. DCM35P volume is 2.64m³ footprint is (1.56×0.93)1.45, but can reach the 35inch hub repair size, of course, if you do not use the repair to 35inch, you can choose a smaller model.


4. Mobile wheel repair lathe which put on vehicle.

  For mobile hub repair service providers, small vertical wheel lathe is a better choice, because it is difficult to achieve small volume of horizontal lathe and to realize good repair effect.



What aspects should buyer pay attention to when selecting vertical hub lathe?

1、In order to achieve the perfect wheel repair effect, what problems vertical wheel lathe need to solve ?


Due to the structure of vertical wheel repair lathe, In order to realize perfect wheel repair effect, vertical machine need to Solve more difficulties than horizontal lathes. For example, the problem of structural stability, Z axis up and down under the influence of gravity, the speed and accuracy of the machine, etcHIENCE vertical wheel lathe uses better machine tool components, such as servo spindle motor, gantry structure, Z-axis with dual servo motor, 2 axis with high precision linear guide,etc . Only these problems are solved, the vertical lathe wheel repair effect can be achieved, and the service life of the machine is very long, although the purchase of a high price, but the high price will be saved in the use of the machine in the long run .


2What kind of detection system to choose?

A.  There are three types of sensors on the market for wheel detection: needle detectors, laser detectors, and ruby high-precision probes.Which is more suitable for hub lathes, the answer is the ruby detection system.


A. Needle detector.This kind of detector is transformed by the tool setting gauge on the ordinary CNC lathe.The tip diameter is too small, and the scope of application is small, which can only be applied to the repair of part of the wheels, accuracy is poor.


B. Laser detector. This kind of detector looks very luxurious and high-grade from the outside, but it is not suitable for wheel repair, and the laser detector in the market has different quality and price, which is easy to affect the later use.


The precision of the laser displacement sensor will decrease as the luminescent element will decay and age with use.Due to laser diffusion, the visual diameter is about 1mm. Due to its working principle, laser detection is only suitable for relatively smooth wheel hub detection, and its applicability will be severely reduced for complex wheel hub curves.


C. ruby probe.Can avoid the weakness of needle detector and laser detector, high precision, wide range of application, and the world's other excellent hub lathe manufacturers have been using ruby contactor probe.



2、Why are the prices of seemingly similar machines on the market so different?

In the last analysis, we have said about the structure of the machine and the choice of parts, but these from the appearance of the machine is very difficult to come out, especially for the friends who know little about CNC machine tools. In the Chinese market, there is a saying that you get what you pay for.


In addition to the machine itself structure, materials; The manufacturing process and, most importantly, the ease of operation of the control system (the machine itself is not very easy to operate, the easier the machine is to operate, the higher the research and development cost of the machine, the higher the technical content) will increase the cost of the machine.


Mention here, presumably we have a new understanding of vertical wheel lathe, and in the purchase of this kind of machine also know how to choose.


The first generation of HIENCE repair lathe is our CNC wheel repair lathe, the second generation is our PC wheel repair lathe, the third generation is our vertical wheel repair lathe. Each generation of updates has embodied the passion and passion of the hannes robots. HIENCEs each generation of wheel repair lathe research and development design is worth the customer to affirm.




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