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Wonderful holiday party

“The key living is giving” That is also Taian Hiscience do for employees. Holiday part is popular in our company. Last weekend, our company throw a wonderful party for us. And the great party is ingenuity. We went to a famous village for fun.

At 9 am on Saturday, we set off at the company and drove to the village.We are very excited on the road, I am looking forward to this different party.When arriving at the destination,the guide planned a day's play plan for us.We are riding a quad bike to shuttle in the village. That is a big fun for us. We have a cycling competition which is tired but let us be very happy. It is also need the cooperation of four people. Everyone works hard to win. It is also like the company, everyone work hard to make the company better. Solidarity and cooperation is also the key to make company better. The guide show us the sheds which include various flowers, vegetables, fruits. And you can pick it at will. Vegetables and fruits are not beaten, they are real healthy food.Then we visit the animal area which include Thai small pig, horses, various fowl. The weather is too hot, so we went to the bar for a drink. That is very pleasant, we are also not tired as before. After the rest for a while, we are ready for lunch. We are divided into two groups, the dumpling group and the barbecue group. What is unexpected is that each of us is a cook expert, that makes the cooking easier. We was talking, joking, the distance between colleagues is closer, we are now a big family. Although cooking time is a bit long, but it is very happy. Because it is done in the spirit of giving it is bound to be a great day that we are appreciate. 

In the end, a great company holiday party is not about the party itself, it’s a representation of what the employees mean to the organization. Just like we all wanted to hear praise and encouragement as a child, it’s a way to say thank you to the people who make your business a success. It’s no surprise that companies that put thoughtful events together such as a well-planned holiday party also retain more employees; effort HISCIENCE to go a long way.


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