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Customer from France to order machine

June 6, France clients come to our company to visit our factory and learn how to use alloy wheel repair machine , Rim straightening machine and tire changer machine.The members of our foreign trade department gave them a warm and thoughtful reception.

Firstly, we explained the product through a PPT to them. Then customers went to our workshop accompanied by our engineer and manager. 

In our workshop, our engineer teach customers how to operate the machine step and step and customers learn it very carefully and fast. After a preliminary study , the client proposes to operate the machine by himself, under the guidance of engineer, the whole operation process has been successfully completed. 

They like our PC version machine and said this machine is easy to learn and operate. The customer stayed in our factory for three days. They are very interested in our diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine and pay deposit of wheel repair machine, rim straightening machine and automatic tire changer on the spot. They said, they will buy more machine in the next few month.

So thanks for their coming and we will welcome all friends come to visit us and learn machine on the spot.

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