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Swilterland customer visit company


Customers from Swilterland has visited our company last few days. Before they visit, we have talk long

time about the machine, and they are very interested in this machine.And want to order the machine

and get training on spot. So they decide to visit my company. When they arrive our company, we had

a smooth meeting for the machine. We have show the video of my machine and other customers who

has visited my company.


We invited the customers go to our factory and checked the machine all working steps.They has check

all parts of the machine and the effect of diamond cut for wheel.They said the machine is perfect.


They has asked many questions for the machine,and our engineer answered all questions one by one.

So they can understand our machine as much as possible.And they can be assured for the machine.


At last,they are very happy with the machine,and our training.And we had a group photo taken to mark

the occasion.Welcome all friend to visit my company and have cooperation with you.

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