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Today is "Winter Solstice"

Winter Solstice, also known as the "Winter Festival", "He winter", the Chinese one of twenty-four solar terms, one of the eight categories planetarium solar terms, and relative to the summer solstice.
In China, the winter solstice to eat dumplings customs. As the saying goes:. "Winter solstice to eat dumplings" Of course there are exceptions, such as drink the soup in Tengzhou popular custom of the winter solstice day, meaning get rid of cold intended. Sisu around different, but the most common eating dumplings.
In the southern area still today: eat a long winter Yefan year-old saying, commonly known as "Tim-year-old."
With China to enhance the impact of the world, China's traditional culture, especially food culture, have gradually been introduced and loved around the world.

World countries are increasingly friends like to eat dumplings.Do not forget to eat dumplings winter solstice ah!


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