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High-tech road can not be changed

Level, variety and production capacity, a direct reflection of the overall strength of a country's industry, and the birth of China's machine tool industry than the United States, Germany, a slight lag, nearly half of the world through the development, although in high-speed, complex, precision, more shafts and other aspects have made significant progress and a series of breakthroughs, but in terms of accuracy, reliability, and there is a big gap with foreign countries.

Currently products, low-end products of enterprises have a certain strength, but the high-end is still short board, while high-grade is required in aerospace, automotive, marine and power generation equipment manufacturing these four areas, industrial upgrading is essential, though national implementation of the high-end and basic manufacturing equipment technology major projects, and plans to the required four areas in 2020 80 upscale and basic manufacturing equipment based on domestic economy but only two large-scale and efficient machine CNC automatic punch line of a successful implementation of the project commercialization, key components and high-end CNC systems still need to continue their efforts.

Therefore, the high-end CNC industry is the future direction of development, and must not be changed.

The future, as the growing importance of the domestic high-end CNC machine tools, machine tool brands in the strengthening of local independent research and personnel training, the forces will usher in a new period of development, our country will achieve a high degree of localization of high-end CNC machine tools, lifting industrial development bottlenecks.

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