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31 March 2016 | View: 2063
A good news:AWR promotion in April for alloy wheel repair lathe machine with probe.The price will donw 500US$
26 March 2016 | View: 1925
Easter is coming, hope all people are happy with this great festival.Painted eggshell,bunny, are we want.
26 March 2016 | View: 1971
The customer from Ukraine to visited my company and to order our new alloy wheel repair lathe machine with probe.
27 January 2016 | View: 2215
Our UK customer, Mr Smith, has visited my company to order alloy wheel repair machine and learned how to operate the machine.
31 December 2015 | View: 1988
Hello, all friend and customers, today is the last day of 2015. Here, I am behalf of my company to bless your all wishes come true, Whole family happy,Everything goes well in 2016 new year!
06 December 2015 | View: 2135
The customer from South Africa to orde our new product Alloy wheel repair CNC lathe with probe.
01 December 2015 | View: 775
Hello, everybody! Today, one customer from India to visit my facoty and to order CNC lathe.
04 November 2015 | View: 968
We have establish one team to train our customers in Australia.The trainning effect is very good, and we got good reputation from customer.
26 September 2015 | View: 988
One month ago, a custoemrs from Egypt has ordered one container CNC machines from my company.After customer's inspection, we delivery it today.
12 September 2015 | View: 1076
As my customers said:" it is very good, and the cutting effect of the machine is better. We are No.1 in my country, so I want to have a long terms cooperation with you".

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