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Are you still use manual tool post on wheel repair lathe?

Tool post is an important part of wheel repair lathe. Because the tool post has four stations for the installation of tools and detectors, and can be rotated between the tool and the detector flexible switch, neither affect the X stroke, tools and mutual interference, so it is widely used in the alloy wheel repair lathe. Because the probe used on the wheel lathe has the limitation of wire harness, the traditional tool rest generally adopts manual rotation to switch the position of the tool and the probe.


If I told you that the tool rest can rotate automatically without having to worry about the winding of the probe wire harness, would you be interested to learn about the new application of the electric tool rest in the wheel lathe of the company of Tian Hiscience?


Structural characteristics of electric tool rest

Compared with traditional manual tool rest, what are the advantages of electric tool rest?

1)The position of the tool and the probe is recognized and remembered by the computer in real time, and there will be no mis—operation caused by forgetting to change the tool;

2) The accuracy of tool conversion and repeated positioning of electric tool rest is less than 0.01mm, which is 3~5 times that of manual tool rest;

3) Short cutter change time, no need to wait for shutdown, no need to open the safety door;

4) Built-in integration of probe wire harness and tool rest wire harness without wire harness winding;

5) Automatic knife change, no physical force, easy and efficient;


The application of automatic tool rest on vertical wheel lathe reflects the great improvement of customer's product experience. Are you still manually switching tools and probes during wheel lathe operation?


The new electric tool rest adopted by the HIENCE wheel lathe can hold three knives and probes at the same time. The one-key conversion between each station makes it easy and accurate, which can greatly improve the repair efficiency of the wheel lathe. Electric tool post is indeed a good choice for your hub repair lathe configuration.

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