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2019 New design Vertical diamond cut alloy wheel repair lathe DCM35C

In recent years, the auto repair industry, especially the wheel repair industry has become hotter. There are various types of wheel repair equipment everywhere in the market. In order to meet the customer's requirements for the repair of the end face of the alloy wheel, Taian Hiscience Machinery Co., Ltd developed Vertical wheel repair lathe DCM35C.

What’s the differences of the horizontal and vertical wheel repair lathe?

1. Machine structure:  Horizontal , Vertical

2. Floor space:  A. Horizontal wheel repair machine occupies large space.

B. The size of vertical machine is smaller, so only occupies small area and space.

3. Operation: Vertical machine is easier for wheel clamping and easier to observe the wheel and cutters during operation.

4. Wheel repair size:

A. AWR28Hmax. Wheel repair size can up to 28 inch.

B. DCM35Cmax. Wheel repair size can up to 35 inch.

5. Configuration and price:

A. Due to the structure of vertical wheel repair lathe, In order to realize perfect wheel repair effect, Our company uses better machine tool components, such as servo spindle motor, gantry structure, Z-axis with dual servo motor, 2 axis with high precision linear guide,etc . Therefore, the price of the vertical machine is higher than that of the horizontal wheel lathe.

B. Because the horizontal wheel lathe Mechanical structure is better than the vertical wheel repair machine, on the basis of the requirement to achieve perfect wheel repair effect, the configuration requirements are not too high. So horizontal wheel repair machine price is slightly lower than vertical wheel repair machine.


What’s the characteristics of the vertical alloy wheel repair lathe?

The machine DCM35C covers a small space, can be designed to meet different space request. The 2 axis of wheel lathe adopt the most stable gantry structure. The structural body is made of cast iron and resin sand casting. The Z axis is driven by four linear guides, double ball screws and double servo motor. Meanwhile, the counterweight is used to balance the z-axis with a large load bearing capacity, which effectively ensures the influence of the two axes due to different stress structures. The cutting feed in the process of wheel repair can keep sensitive control response and achieve the perfect alloy wheel repair effect.

Our wheel repair machine is high efficiency and high cost performance. The max. Wheel repair size can up to 35 inch. Wheel curve will save and build up your own wheel library, the saved data can be used for the same model wheel next time, save your time and money.

Upgrade CNC machine operating system, one key can set start point and end point, easy to use. Detection, optimization and cutting can be finished in one system, Friendly man-machine interface to make the operation easier.

This is reference video about how it operated on Youtube https://youtu.be/i7N1l1E8EwM

It’s a mesmerizing process, as you’ll see from the video, and the cutting results are fantastic!


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