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FAQ of Vertical wheel repair lathe

Q:What is the difference between HIENCE controller and SYNTEC controller ?

A:HIENCE control system is special developed and upgraded by our company according to the customers' feedback and requirements during use of SYNTEC CNC system,The difference is:The HIENCE system can be optimized automatic for most wheels curves, which means the machine can cutting directly after the detection;

2、Q:Do you still use automatic optimization software when using HIENCE CNC system?

A:HIENCE CNC system can realize automatic optimization function for most of the wheels; although it can realize automatic optimization, our company still provides customers with one machine and one code optimization software in standard. For customers with higher requirements of the wheel repair effect can consider to use the two system together.

3、Q:What is the difference between vertical wheel repair machine and horizontal wheel repair machine ?

A:The vertical wheel repair machine is more convenient for the operator to clamp wheel and occupy a smaller space; But in terms of the force structure of the two axis, the horizontal wheel lathe is superior to the vertical wheel lathe; If you choose the vertical wheel lathe, please carefully choose the manufacturers, be sure to choose a manufacturer with experienced of wheel repair machine ;

4、Q: What is the advantages of your company’s vertical wheel repair machine ?

A:The two axis of our vertical wheel lathe adopt the most stable gantry structure.The structural body is made of cast iron and resin sand casting. The Z axis is driven by four linear guides, double ball screws and double servo motor. Meanwhile, the counterweight is used to balance the z-axis with a large load bearing capacity,which effectively ensures the influence of the two axes due to different stress structures. The cutting feed in the process of wheel repair can keep sensitive control response and achieve the perfect alloy wheel repair effect.

5、Q: Can your vertical wheel repair machine use laser probe system ?

A:The laser detection system is currently only available on our PC version of the vertical wheel lathe. For details, please refer to our company's PC version of the DCM35P vertical wheel repair machine.

6、Q:What are the features of laser probe ? Is the function reliable ?

A:Laser detection have the characteristics of non-touch wheel and rapid scanning, The principle of laser scanning is to measure the distance by the reflection of the laser on the wheel surface. However, for wheels with sharp curve change, or wheels surface with damaged paint film, or wheels with an inconsistent aluminum surface reflectance, the laser-detected curve may be distorted actual wheel curve. Some of our products are equipped with a laser detection system but only as an auxiliary function. They are only used for the smoother wheels and with ideal aluminum surface reflectivity wheels. Our company's standard product with laser detection function is still equipped with the most stable and reliable ruby probe detection system for customers.

7、Q:Is the operation of the machine easy to learn and operate ?

A:Our company provide detailed operate instructions and training vedios. Our professional after-sales service team can provide remote technical guidance to help customers carry out systematic and comprehensive learning; Customers can learn and master all operations in a short time from our company's market experience in more than 80 countries around the world. Customers can also choose to arrive our factory for free training, or provide paid face-to-face training services to customers' countries according to customer requirements.

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