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China's machine tool industry is facing the challenges and opportunities

    Along with the transfer of the center of gravity of world manufacturing to China and other developing countries, the machine tool industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition and fast development opportunities;
    Since the domestic market is more open in 2005, due to the reduction of the import tax, many foreign products into the Chinese market, accompanied by a wholly foreign-owned and joint venture enterprises operating localization, due to lower production costs, increase the competitiveness of the domestic manufacturers, competition in the domestic market becomes quite intense; along with the inflow of foreign advanced technology, the user of the types of demand for machine tools increasing number of personalized products and efficiency have become increasingly demanding world equipment manufacturing industry, a new round of more intense competition digital manufacturing technology and equipment will have higher requirements;   Therefore, in this case, whether domestic manufacturers can seize the opportunity to learn from the experience and technology, many new foreign enterprises increased CNC milling machines, boring machines the number of new manufacturing processes, increase their brand kind of accumulation is an important determinant Can the development of the world economy began a slow recovery in the domestic and international market place.


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