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CNC wood lathe H-T150D-TM
Product Features:
Max.Swing over bed of upper axis(mm): 500-800 Max.Swing over bed of three axis(mm): 160-195 Max. Machining length(mm): 1500
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A.Product introduction:

The machine is used for wood cutting. Whose character is that the machine can realize arbitrary rotor turning processing with coordination between the longitudinal axis and horizontal axis, then can realize milling, engraving, guarantee the processing product rotational stability, high cutting efficiency.


B.Functional features:


Three axis large CNC wood turning and milling machine can cutting up to ø500 wood if just use upper axis. If use three axis and cut 3 wood bar, can up to ø160mm. The machine has turning, milling and engraving function, and processing up to 3m length. The lathe bed is integrally cast, so can guarantee the stability of machine.


C. Machining range:


The machine can be used for cutting the headpost, legs of all wood furniture, clothes tree stem, wooden vase,cylindrical, conical, arc and spherical complex shapes of rotors wood or wood semi-finished products.


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