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CNC machining center VMC1060
Product Features:
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1.Resin sand casting

2.Spindle from Taiwan       

3.Taiwan ball screw and Precision lock screw C3 class

4.pressure cylinder

5. X、Y、Z guide rail protect

6.Domestic electric lubrication system (including lubrication pump)

7.Coolant system

8.A domestic air cooling pipeline (no air compressor, oil water separator)

9.Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cobinet

10. KND system. Box way type guide rail .

16 tools ATC. Self lubrication, Coolant system, lighting system.


1. CNC Controller: FANUC SIEMENS Mitsubishi GSK

2. Spindle Speed: BT40 10000 12000 15000 rpm

BT50 4000 6000 8000 rpm

3. Spindle Oil Cooler

4. Chain type chip conveyor/Screw type chip removal system

5. change to Armless type ATC Or without ATC

6. Auto. Power off. Function

7. XYZ Hard Scale

8. 4th 5th axis and others optional you need

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