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CNC lathe CK6150A
Swing over bed : 500mm ; Spindle bore: 82mm ; Max.length of work piece: 750mm/1000mm/1500mm ; Motor power:4 kw
CNC lathe CK6136A-2
Max.Swing over bed:360mm Max.lengh of workpiece: 750mm Spindle bore: 60mm Motor: 5.5KW
CNC lathe CK6132A
Swing over bed:320mm ; Spindle bore: 40mm ; Max.length of work piece: 450mm ; Motor power: 4 kw
CNC lathe CK6432A
Max. swim over bed; 360mm ; Spindle bore:60mm ; Max. length of workpiece: 450mm ; Motor power: 4kw
Swiss type CNC lathe H-F203E
Max spindle speed: 12000RPM ; Min.Mechanical Resolution:0.001mm ; Workpiece diameter: ø1-20mm ;
CNC lathe CK6136A-1
Swing over bed: 360mm ; Spindle bore: 60mm ; Max. length of workpiece:500mm ; Motor power: 4 KW
CNC lathe CK6140B
Max. swim over bed: Φ400mm Max.length of work piece:750mm Spindle bore: Φ52mm
CNC lathe CK6150T
Swing over bed: 500mm ; Spindle bore: 72mm ; Max. length of workpiece:1000mm ; Motor power:7.5 KW
Max. swim over bed: Φ400mm; Max. length of work piece: 750/1000mm Motor power: 5.5KW
CNC lathe CK6163B
Swing over bed: 630mm; Maximum work-piece length (mm);

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