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Maintenance of hydraulic chuck for CNC machine

1, In order to preserve their hydraulic chuck lathe time after regular use, there are still good precision lubrication is very important. Incorrect or improper lubrication will cause some problems, such as abnormal function of low pressure, the clamping force is weakened, poor clamping accuracy, not normal wear and stuck, it must be properly lubricated chuck.
2, At least a day to play a molybdenum disulfide grease (color is black), the grease nipple into the hydraulic chuck jaws until the oil spill in the face or chuck hole (the hole protective sleeve and connecting nut), but it If a large number of high spin chuck or an aqueous cutting oil used in the processing, require more lubrication shall be determined according to different situations.
3, Be sure to air gun or a similar tool to clean the chuck body and the slide surface at the end of the job.
4, At least every six months to remove the hydraulic chuck decomposition to clean and maintain the jaws sliding surfaces clean and give lubrication, the chuck life expectancy. However, if the cutting of cast iron at least once every two months or more to fully implements clean, inspect for cracks and other part of the case wear, serious and immediately replace the product. After checking to be fully to the oil, in order to group legislature.
5, For different workpiece holder must use a different way, or choose to create a special fixture. UTV only one jaw chuck fixture embrace, barely use it to clip irregular or strange artifacts, will cause damage to the chuck! If chuck pressure is not normal, would chuck is under high pressure, or machine after the shutdown will workpiece clamping chuck, chuck it will reduce the life! so when the gap is too large chuck you find new cartridge must be replaced immediately.
6, Using a rust cutting oils, hydraulic chuck can prevent internal rust, rust will be reduced because the chuck clamping force, and can not be Workholding

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