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CNC machine tool maintenance

CNC machine tool maintenance is the key to strengthening the routine maintenance, major maintenance work has the following contents:

     1. The daily inspection: Major projects include a hydraulic system, the spindle lubrication systems, rail-run exchange systems, cooling systems, pneumatic systems. Daily inspection is to be detected in the normal situation of the system, for example, when the process of detection of the spindle lubrication systems, power lights, hydraulic pump should operate normally, if the power does not light, you should keep the spindle stopped, and mechanics contact for maintenance.

     2. weekly inspection: The main projects include machine parts, spindle lubrication system should be checked weekly correctly, especially for machine parts to clear the iron, external debris cleaning.

     3. The monthly inspection: mainly for the power and check the air dryer. Under normal circumstances, the power supply voltage rated voltage 180v ~ 220v, frequency of 50hz, if unusual, you want to measure and adjust. Air dryer should be removed once a month, and then cleaning, assembly.

     4. Season Inspection: check from the three major machine tool bed, hydraulic systems, spindle lubrication system. For example, when the machine bed check, mainly to see the machine precision, the level of machine meets the requirements of the manual, if there are questions, they should immediately contact and mechanics. When the hydraulic system and the spindle lubrication system to check if the problem should be replaced with new oil, respectively, and its cleaning.

     5. half inspection: Six months later, the machine's hydraulic system to deal with, as well as X-axis spindle lubrication system to check if there is a problem, it should be replaced with new oil, and cleaning.

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