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22 April 2019 | View: 32
What is the difference between vertical wheel repair machine and horizontal wheel repair machine ?
18 October 2018 | View: 45
Always insist on the perfect pursuit of the wheel repair lathe machine. Now we update the tool post to let tool change more easier and convenience.
05 October 2017 | View: 263
A: PC alloy wheel repair machine is developed based on CNC wheel repair machine for alloy wheel repair or refurbishment.
05 October 2017 | View: 739
Electrical equipment malfunction part CNC machine is mainly a hardware failure, hardware failure which is: the control system of a bad or damaged components, no power supply,
05 October 2017 | View: 92
CNC lathe tool change process in general: After receiving ATC ATC motor signals, driven by the worm gear rotating turret, tool signal emitted by the Hall element,
05 October 2017 | View: 905
From last year, we have designed diamond cutting whee lathe machine, and update the configuration and the functions of the machine constantly. The machine is very welcomed by market.
05 October 2017 | View: 358
For horizontal CNC lathe, We have two series. One is CT series, other is CK series. CT is mini bench CNC lathe which can be controlled by PC or CNC system. CT can used for hobby, education, government project,etc. Now we have CT56B and CT57B.
05 October 2017 | View: 806
1, In order to preserve their hydraulic chuck lathe time after regular use, there are still good precision lubrication is very important. Incorrect or improper lubrication will cause some problems, such as abnormal function of low pressure
05 October 2017 | View: 392
05 October 2017 | View: 89
CNC machine tool maintenance is the key to strengthening the routine maintenance, major maintenance work has the following contents:
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