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CNC lathe CK6136A-2
Product Features:
Max.Swing over bed:360mm Max.lengh of workpiece: 750mm Spindle bore: 60mm Motor: 5.5KW
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A. Configuration

1.System:GSK,servo motor and drive

2.8 inch Manual 3-jaw chuck, 4-station electric tool post.

3.Manual tailstock, Semi-Rugged

  4.Cooling systemLighting system Automatic lubrication system




B. Optional configuration

Optional brands of CNC systems


Optional types of the tool post

Horizontal 6-station, horizontal 8-station

Optional types of the workpiece clamping

hydraulic chuckpneumatic chuckspring chuck

Optional types of the tailstock

Hydraulic tailstockpneumatic tailstock

Optional patterns of feeding

Automatic Bar feedingCustomized programs alone


C. Advantages:

1. This guide rail is treated by ultrasonic frequency quenching , fine grinding and plaster treatment.

2. Independent spindle, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, small noise and vibration, high machining precision, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. The spindle adopts high speed and high precision bearing, and the machined surface has good finish


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